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Meal Prep: How it works:

I will work with anyone on their budget.

Just keep in mind I take the time away from the grocery store, time 🕙 in the kitchen, all the mess, and deliver to you.


Clients pay for their groceries, i shop it, prepare it, and deliver it. All of this for an average of $12 per meal


The spread in most my meal prep pics are for 2 people. Clients pay around $80 for food and $100 for my service, $180 a week average. I deliver Monday mornings. (We can work on price to help you) My football players do lunch and dinner, but they have big ol meals, lol My other guys are on specific nutritional macro counts given by the nutritionist. 


An example menu designed by the nutritionist:

Breakfast: 4- 6 egg whites 1 yolk egg

Lunch: Only Chicken/Turkey (no fish) Sweet potato or Rice Spinach or Asparagus Snack: 4oz chicken (only)

Dinner: Only Chicken/Turkey (no fish) Sweet potato or Rice (adding carb) Spinach or Asparagus

Late evening: 4 egg whites + 1 egg Spinach (only) Salmon (only)

These updates should be good for the next 4-6 weeks

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